Meet a few of our alumni brothers and check out how their careers have taken off after graduation!

Meghan Hill
Meghan Hill
Initiated: Spring 1998

Degree: BBA Marketing – Professional Sales

Current Occupation: Guest Experience

” I joined Delta Sigma Pi because I was a transfer student and did not know anyone. I wanted to meet people with similar interests to me and I saw a sign in the Burrus building and thought I would check it out. I never dreamed I would still be involved twenty years later. Many of my closest friends are my brothers and I sure did not see that coming!

The thing I love most about Deltasig is that is a safe place to fail. By that I mean that it is a safe place to try new things because you can’t really fail when you’re surrounded by brothers who want you to succeed. Are you an introvert? Want to come out of your shell? Run for office in your chapter! Are you an accountant at heart that wants to learn more about the creative side of business? Serve on the chapter’s recruiting or fundraising committee and try new things! Just ask for help and you’ll learn new things and sharpen skills you didn’t know you had.”

Joshua Reneau
Joshua Reneau
Initiated: Spring 2011

Degree: BBA Accounting and Management

Current Occupation: Senior Analyst at The Home Depot, Inc.

“I Joined DSP for the professional networking opportunities and to get more involved on campus.
Take away: The unexpected Friendship/brotherhood as well as a broader life and business perspective.”

Stephanie Weekes
Stephanie Weekes
Initiated: Spring 2014

Degree: BBA Finance

Current Occupation: Senior Financial Analyst

” I joined DSP when it was my Sophomore year in college. I really wanted to be around people who were business oriented and focused. My biggest take aways from my experience is learning how to engage with others, being inspired by brothers who have amazing jobs and their own businesses. I know I can always count on someone from DSP whether its my pledge brother or my grand big. DSP gave me a foundation to be greater. To be confident and have room to grow from failures. I am thankful for my experience as a collegiate member.”

Alex Villanueva
Alex Villanueva
Semester Initiated:Spring 2014

Degree: BBA Information Systems | Minor: Information Security & Assurance

Current Occupation: Senior Technology Risk Consultant at EY

“I joined DSP to honestly help provide direction to create an idea of what I wanted to pursue in my life by surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. The return I received on my investment as I look back is honestly breathtaking. From my undergraduate experience a group of strangers that I called by chapter Brothers turned into family, I met a person that I am excited to start my life with one day, I grew from a shy individual to a chapter President, and ultimately obtained a career with one of the most reputable firms in the world.
Ultimately, DSP is what I made of it and make of it till this day. I love to surround myself with collegiate students as I occasionally run into Brothers that remind me a lot of myself regarding what I had to learn as a student to get to where I am today as a professional. DSP was the first organization I joined in school to give me an opportunity to lead, learn from my mistakes, and provide an opportunity in creating and sustaining something bigger than myself. The thought of working hard to create/sustain something that would last for generations always excited me and still does to this day, which has a direct correlation in any role or organization you join post graduation. For all of these outcomes of my undergraduate experience I am forever grateful to the Nu Pi chapter for creating a pathway of success as I transitioned to a working professional in corporate America and a future business leader in America. “

Sandra Amadi
Sandra Amadi
Initiated: Spring 2015

Degree: BBA Accounting/ Master of Accountancy / Certificate in Business Analytics

Current Occupation: EY Assurance Staff Member

“I joined DSP to prepare myself for successful navigation in the dynamic world of business and to unite with a community of business students aspiring to succeed as business professionals. My experience with DSP has gifted me with confidence to take on new roles and challenges, the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from various backgrounds, career opportunities, and life-long connections.”

Jalisa Mapp
Jalisa Mapp
Initiated: Spring 2017

Degree: BBA Accounting | Minor: Information Systems

Current Occupation: Technology Risk Consultant at Deloitte

“I joined to be able to learn more from others with like-minded views. I was able to give back and help others learn how to be the best versions of themselves. I’ve been able to take away the importance of family and finding your purpose.”

Tierra Davis
Tierra DavisTitle
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